Souk Safar

All Traveler Needs Under One Roof

Souk Safar is an easy reach comfortable environment located in one of the most prestigious shopping mall The Avenues offering one stop travel shop.

The vibrant “Souk Safar” is created through a mix of international airlines sales offices, reputable hotel chains, holiday’s suppliers, tourism boards, visa application center, cruises, car rental and travel goods shop creating a unique retail experience where customers can come and plan their travel and holidays packages.

Souk Safar Holidays

Looking for unforgettable romantic honeymoon, a nice SPA to revive your soul and body, an adventure vacation, a family education trip or just a small week-end break?

Souk Safar Holidays staff have the expertise to tailor packages that suit your requirements and budget. Through our extensive network of worldwide associations, we can book your accommodations in the hotel, motel, lodge, resort, apartment or spa of your choice. We offer you a vast choice from deluxe and luxury arrangements designed to pamper and impress you, to budget accommodations that will help stretch your travel Dinars.

We offer you advice on locations, safety considerations especially when traveling with family, nearby shopping complexes and restaurants, seasonal periods, local holidays and festivals, and special events.

Souk Safar services:
• Visa Assistance
• Travel Insurance
• International Driving License
• And more…

Wellness, Spa and Naturopathic Detoxification

We offer you various world-wide packages at our Spa - rehabilitation centers and hotels located in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Thailand and other places. Our experts with their in-depth knowledge of modern technology and materials have developed on extensive array of treatments involving physiotherapy, balneology, climatic healing and wellness with eye to replenish human vitality while rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.

It is natural cleansing process of human organism by eating healthy food, doing exercises, making relaxation and undergoing procedures focused on cleansing body in one of our proficiently Spa’s, drinking adequate amount of water from the thermal fountain also known as elixir of Youth, helps to improve not only your health but also helps to enhance your beauty.

Premium & Luxury Travel Concierge Services

Create memorable matchless experience to include luxury travel, fabulous accommodation and exclusive concierge services.

Whether the choice of flying in commercial airline carrier or private jet, our team will find the best convenient seat cabin and the best jet charter that suit our sophisticated passenger travel plans, using wide range of aircrafts varies from light to heavy jets.

Indulge yourself in selective elite retreat of presidential suites, private villas, castle and secluded island.